Global Classmates today.
World-Class Innovators Tomorrow.


Mutual Understanding and Respect

Through research-based, cross-cultural programming, young people gain pride in their own identity along with an appreciation for other cultures.


21st Century Skills

Co-learning with youth from across the globe equips young people with the skills and capacities they need to succeed in a world of constant change.


Global Connectivity

Youth are already connected; developing their ability to communicate and cooperate with confidence is critical to harnessing technology for good.

About the Initiative

The Stevens Initiative is a multilateral public-private partnership designed to increase people-to-people exchange between youth in the United States and the Middle East and North Africa as a lasting tribute to the legacy of Ambassador Chris Stevens.  More »

Our Goal

Expand access to virtual exchange for a generation of young people in the Middle East, North Africa and the United States

Get Involved

Together we can create opportunities for prosperity and peace in the Middle East, North Africa and North America through virtual exchange. Whether you are a government official, donor, educator, parent, or learner, there's a way for you to get involved.

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