Project Description

Chicago Sister Cities International’s STEAMuseum will bring students together virtually to create digital exhibits for what will eventually be a global online museum. The STEAMuseum will be a new kind of cultural space created by and for a new generation of digital learners. The first exhibit will focus on a topic that is both popular and timely. Morocco is home to the site of one of the most important scientific discoveries of this century: Spinosaurus, an enormous dinosaur that rivals America’s T. Rex and that has been making headlines around the world. This creature offers opportunities to explore and compare ancient worlds that hold important lessons about biodiversity and climate change, topics that are essential to solving today’s environmental crises. The second exhibit will be arts-based and will complement the content that emerges from the first exhibit.

General Information

Lead Organization

Chicago Sister Cities International, a division of World Business Chicago



U.S. States


Partners in the Middle East and North Africa

Neighborhoods Association IDMAJ

Partners in the United States

Digital Youth Network at DePaul University, Center for Arabic Language and Culture

 Project Duration

Two Years

Launch Date

Fall 2016

Student Age Group

High school