BRIDGE Program

Project Description

Through online, teacher-facilitated exchanges, iEARN-USA’s BRIDGE (Building Respect through International Dialogue and Global Education) Program will enable students in the United States and the Middle East and North Africa to engage in deep, interactive social learning. Through various technologies and educational techniques, entire classes and schools will be able to access high-quality international and cross-cultural education. Thematic BRIDGE projects are aligned with one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Students will work on improving global quality of life in the areas of the environment, civic education, heritage, identity, and tradition, food security, and arts and media production. The BRIDGE program will offer professional training for participating educators, and will work to build capacity in each of the MENA-region countries for continuing and expanding sustainable, virtual exchanges.

General Information

Lead Organization



Each country will participate in its own exchange program with a United States counterpart: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Morocco, Israel/Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

U.S. States

Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Partners in the Middle East and North Africa

iEARN Algeria, Egyptian Education Resources Association, iEARN Israel, iEARN Jordan, Lebanon International Education Association, Moroccan Education and Resource Network, iEARN Palestine, Reach Out to Asia, Tunisia Education and Resource Network, iEARN UAE, SOUL Yemen

Partners in the United States

Dreamyard, Chicago Public Schools, D.C. Public Schools, Fairfax County Schools, Lincolnton County Public Schools, Gilbert School

Project Duration

Two years

Launch Date

Winter 2016

Student Age Group

Middle school, high school