Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (SUNY COIL Center)

Project Description

The SUNY COIL Center develops and supports sustainable, campus-based exchange initiatives integrated into academic and international programs at participating universities. The Center will launch pilot virtual exchange courses with Al Kafaat University in Lebanon, and will offer in-person professional development workshops over the term of the grant. These will support course development for teaching partnerships and will be linked to online academies where participating instructors will learn by doing. Based on an “experiential modelling” approach, teachers – through the process of completing tasks – engage in the kind of collaborative activities that their students in COIL courses will subsequently undertake. Paired teachers will then co-lead virtual exchanges between their classrooms in the United States and the Middle East and North Africa.

General Information

Lead Organization

State University of New York Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (SUNY COIL)


Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco

U.S. States

New York

Partners in the Middle East and North Africa

Al Kafaat University, American University in Cairo, Université Mohamed Premier in Oudja, Empire State College Lebanon Residency Program at American University of Technology

 Project Duration

Two years

Launch Date

Summer 2016

Student Age Group

High school, university