Digital Youth Leaders Exchange Program

Project Description

The Digital Youth Leaders Exchange Program (DYLEP) with the U.S. and Iraq will build on World Learning’s implementation of the U.S. Department of State Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) by developing a program that will mirror IYLEP in content, but not in form. The DYLEP will use innovative technology platforms to conduct an exchange and leadership development training entirely online for a diverse cadre of future Iraqi and American youth leaders. The DYLEP’s curriculum will emphasize global leadership, education, and engagement. During the virtual exchange program, American and Iraqi youth will meet and engage with each other in online workshops and discussion forums. Participants will also explore each other’s cultures through informal contact and pairings with virtual host families. Following the completion of the DYLEP program, participants will have the opportunity to implement community-focused projects.

General Information

Lead Organization

World Learning



U.S. States


Partners in the Middle East and North Africa

World Learning Iraq and Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

Partners in the United States

Global Ties U.S. Member Institutions

 Project Duration

Two Years

Launch Date

Spring 2016

Student Age Group

High school