Project Description

Global Nomads Group’s Campfire will connect secondary students to complete an online project-based curriculum focused on global citizenship and 21st-century skills in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Students will investigate the driving question: “How do we, as youth, engage our communities to create positive social change?” Beginning with a comprehensive professional development to support educators’ implementation of the standards-based curriculum, students will challenge stereotypes and develop empathy for others as they share work and engage in cross-cultural dialogue through text, photo, and video posts. Students will then complete Global Citizen Projects that address critical social issues in their communities.

General Information

Lead Organization

Global Nomads Group


Jordan, Morocco, Syrian refugees, Tunisia

U.S. States

California, Kentucky, New York, Utah

Partners in the Middle East and North Africa

Madrasati, Moroccan Association for Teachers of English, Institute Al-Kastalani, Franklin Center

Partners in the United States

Kentucky Education Department Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Saxelab Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, New Visions for Public Schools, Scarsdale District, Goshen District, Vista Unified School District, Alpine School District

 Project Duration

Two years

Launch Date

Winter 2016

Student Age Group

Middle school, high school